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Web Links

Here are a few web links that may be useful for the tissue microarray community.

If you feel that there are other useful links to add to this list, please email me and I will add the link to this list. Also, please notify me if any links are broken.

Equipment and Software

  • Bacus Laboratories - makers of the BLISS microscope system designed for tissue microarray image acquisition. (added 4-12-03)

  • Eisen Lab - The laboratory of Dr. Mike Eisen, author of the Cluster and TreeView software. Note: as of 4-12-03, the most recent of Cluster (2.2) has some significant bugs; try to use Version 2.11 if available. (added 4-12-03)

Alternative TMA Data Acquisition/Processing Strategies

  • Cattoretti - a set of TMA tools, done in Microsoft Excel, is described by a group headed by Dr. Giorgio Cattoretti. These tools (which don't involve macros) may be helpful towards the organization of the initial data acquisition and scoring of TMA images and data, and is most suitable for those who work on a smaller scale (e.g. single or a few arrays; array size of ~50-300 spots). Here's a link to the lab website, which contains many other protocols related to TMAs and in other areas. (added 4-12-03)

  • Message from Dr. George McNamara, Image Core Facility at the Children's Hospital at Los Angeles (associated with USC), suggesting a more inexpensive solution to TMA image acquisition. He references this paper here: Pubmed; Journal of Histochemistry and Cytochemistry (requires an online subscription) (added 4-12-03).

Disclaimer: links provided here are for the benefit of the TMA community. Their presence on this page does not constitute an endorsement, nor lack thereof, of the indicated information by the authors of the Stanford TMA system.

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