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System requirements for using the TMA-Combiner
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System Requirements - TMA-Combiner

This is a quick summary of the items you will need to use the TMA-Combiner. Please note that this assumes prior experience with the TMA-Deconvoluter; if you are new, please begin at the TMA website. You will be needing the following:

  • "Deconvoluted" PCL-format text tab-delimited files. Files in other formats may also work but are suboptimal. Please read the file format requirements before proceeding.

  • The TreeView and Cluster programs. Please refer to the TMA system requirements for additional details.

  • Optional: An on-line database of stored images. As with the TMA-Deconvoluter, the TMA-Combiner is designed to work with Stainfinder and an on-line database of stored images. Please refer to the TMA website for details.

  • A Windows PC running Microsoft Excel 2000 or later. This is necessary to run the TMA-Combiner program. Note: the Mac OS is NOT supported, because Active X controls are used, which are not available in Macintosh versions of Microsoft Office. Futhermore, ANY older version of Office (including Office 97) will not work either.

When you have fulfilled all of these requirements, you may proceed to the walkthrough for setting up your system.

Last edited by Chih Long Liu on August 15, 2005